About Us

What We Do

We facilitate the ideation, research and development of personal protective equipment and products for import/export, develop learning tools and publish materials that aid in the performance of essential functions, including services that are needed to ensure the safety, security, welfare, integrity and health of the community. 

How We Help

Our work includes research and development of safety related training, materials and personal protective equipment, ideation of intellectual property, implementation of research for certain operational and contractual activities. In addition, we work with companies that require staffing services, including temporary labour services on a global scale. 

Experience Our Expertise

  • Research & Development 
  • Import / Export 
  • Joint Ventures
  • Distribution 
  • Ideation 
  • Curriculum Development 
  • Training Facilitation 
  • Temporary Staffing & Labour

Our Services

We Are Experts In

Ideation, research & development of innovative solutions for personal protective equipment and products. 

We Create

In this current rapidly changing global environment, we create personal protective solutions and training for the safety of the global population. 

We Provide

We support and provide companies with state of the art personal protective products, facilitate importing and exporting,  safety training, temporary labour and staffing who are trained and certified in the proper use of personal protective equipment and protocols. 

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To contact us, email: research@liftedlogics.com

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Lifted Logics Ltd.

Vancouver, BC, Canada